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Using your design ideas, the professionals at CDR Landscaping will transform your property's outdoor space into something you'll be proud of. Our team is comprised of expert technicians as well as landscape design specialists that will work together seamlessly to realize your vision.

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Proudly delivering the finest landscaping in Renfrew County.

When you want a landscape that stands out from the crowd, then only CDR Landscaping will do. With countless flawlessly-completed projects under our belts, we've helped many Renfrew County property owners turn their outdoor space from ideas into reality.

CDR Landscaping is dedicated to the concept of quality outdoor space creation and maintenance at affordable prices. Working in both the residential and commercial sectors, our goal is always the same - to deliver landscaping services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Your customized outdoor space is just a phone call away - call CDR Landscaping at 613-639-0410 to discuss your project details.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

Top level landscaping involves many different aspects and we do them all, from design to execution to maintenance. Our main landscaping services are to the below

From weed removal to winter plant protection, our residential landscaping maintenance services in Renfrew County encompass all the tasks needed to keep your outdoor space looking its best regardless of the season. Because every yard is different, we tailor our lawn mowing and leaf blowing schedules to perfectly match your home so you'll always have the services you need without unnecessary services.

In addition to standard home landscaping work, CDR Landscaping is also your partner for more complex tasks, such as garden cultivation, insect removal, tree trimming, and much more. We believe that a great yard is not just a trimmed lawn - it's an area where every element works together to create a beautiful outdoor space that you and your family will love.

If you're like many of our clients in Renfrew County, then the work needed to maintain an immaculate yard can seem daunting to say the least. With the help of CDR Landscaping, you'll have a trusted partner that can take care of all landscaping tasks at a minimal cost but with unmeasurable benefits.

Call CDR Landscaping at 613-639-0410 to start developing a customized landscaping maintenance plan built with your home in mind.

For many Renfrew County commercial landscapers, doing the bare minimum is enough. In contrast, CDR Landscaping believes that when we're contracted for scheduled maintenance, your commercial property should look great all the time. We'll go the extra mile to make that happen with a team of experienced landscapers that believe in quality service.

We've found that what works best for our commercial clients in Renfrew County is to start with a detailed visit to determine the exact landscaping work needed and how frequently it should be performed. One of the CDR Landscaping specialists will come to your property and work with you to create a customized plan for mowing, trimming, leaf blowing, and other tasks.

One of the benefits of using CDR Landscaping for your commercial landscaping needs is our adaptability. We understand the disturbance that landscaping can create and that's why all of our services are available during off-hours or times when that disturbance will be minimal. In addition, it's easy to mix and match landscaping services as your needs change.

When you want a professional landscaper tailored to fit your business, choose CDR Landscaping by calling 613-639-0410.

For Renfrew County property owners that are looking to avoid the heavy work of masonry repointing, an alternative exists in the form of parging. When CDR Landscaping is contracted for a parging job, we'll use a high-quality cement that helps to get rid of any moisture problems, bug holes, or other typical issues.

Some Renfrew County parging companies may take the easy route of simply applying parge to your above grade foundation, but CDR Landscaping takes the process a step further by grinding when necessary to ensure a precise finish that affords the most protection possible. Before starting, we're happy to explain the exact process of parging and the benefits you can expect.

While most of our parging work is done on above grade foundations, CDR Landscaping is also able to complete chimney parging, block wall parging, and many more. In every parging job we do in the greater Renfrew County area, you can count on our specialized team to deliver a solid cement coat designed to last many years and protect your property from excessive humidity.

Don't settle for a parging company that cuts corners - choose CDR Landscaping by calling 613-639-0410 and hire a detail-oriented firm that cares.

Foundation problems come in many shapes and sizes, from wall or floor cracks to bowing walls and much more. However, the only way to fix any foundation issue is to hire a professional who know's how to make the proper repairs, and understands the reasoning behind their techniques. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with outstanding solutions giving them permanently safe and stable homes. We only use proven warrantied products and give warranties on every job we undertake. For all your Foundation Repair requirements in the Renfrew County. We provide professional and timely services. We are leaders in basement waterproofing, concrete repairs, retaining wall repairs, manhole repairs, some outside crack repairs and drainage. Locally owed and operated CDR is dedicated to providing a worry free experience whether the job is big or small. Our professionals will respect your home or place of business: explain the issues that are causing your foundation leaks and recommend long term guaranteed solutions. If your ready to find out what's wrong with your foundation CDR can perform a free inspection for your Foundation Repair. Call CDR for your FREE consultation and estimate at (613)639-0410

Let us give you the many options available to give a new life to your damaged steps such as with Interlock stone & Casing, New Concrete, Fiberglass or Wood. Choose CDR Landscaping by calling (613) 639-0410

For many people in Renfrew County, a deck represents more than just adding value to a property - it's creating a space specifically designed for your pleasure and entertainment. As such, it only makes sense to hire the pros at CDR Landscaping for your deck construction needs. We've helped many people just like you build the deck of their dreams.

One of the major considerations of any deck building project in Renfrew County is what material to use. Our experience includes composite decks, standard wood, specialty wood like cedar, PVC, and much more. During the design consultation, a member of the CDR Landscaping team will walk you through the pros and cons to figure out which deck construction material is right for you.

During this same design phase, you'll quickly see why CDR Landscaping is considered to be the premier deck building company in Renfrew County. Our efficient and collaborative process will make sure your ideas are fully implemented and ensure that we've looked at every detail to speed up the time spent on the construction site.

For a quality deck construction that transforms your Renfrew County property, call CDR Landscaping at 613-639-0410.

In Renfrew County, having a fence around your home just makes sense. Whether it's for privacy, liability, protection, or any other reason, investing in a quality fence has many benefits. CDR Landscaping specializes in home fence installations using a wide range of materials, styles, and construction techniques. We'll help you find the fence you want at a price you can afford.

From wood to chain link to wrought iron to PVC, the first question for your residential Renfrew County fence is what material to use. Each offers a different set of advantages depending on what you want the fence to achieve and CDR Landscaping has an impressive selection for each type. With access to many fencing distributors, there's no wait for your fencing project to start.

With a team of installation experts on staff, your Renfrew County fence will be up in a timely and efficient manner. We'll first survey your home on an initial visit and then schedule the right time for the actual installation job. You can choose to either be present during the fence construction or let CDR Landscaping handle all the details and simply come home when your new fence is ready.

A single phone call will set your Renfrew County fence installation in motion. Call CDR Landscaping at 613-639-0410 and let's get started!

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